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Hospitality Basic Study Level 1

The Hospitality Basic Study Level 1 program is designed for students to start their hospitality career in an entry level position. Students will be taught by experienced instructors from the hospitality industry. This program covers a wide range of content, from hotel operation to hotel management, giving students a set of skills needed to be successful in a hospitality entry level position. 

Program Duration : 5 courses, 3 months

Hospitality Basic Study Level 2

Hospitality Basic Study Level 2 is a continuous program from Hospitality Basic Study Level 1. This program is designed for students who want to explore more variety of career in hospitality. This program covers more contents, from cruise industry, resort and restaurant industry to food service management. In addition, student will learn about human resources management to manage dynamic work environment in various hospitality industries. 

Program Duration : 10 courses, 6 months

Hospitality Management Level 1

Hospitality Management Level 1 is a continuous program from Hospitality Basic Study Level 2. This program is constructed to prepare hospitality students to enter a supervisor or mid-management position. This program covers more advance contents, from advanced hotel management to cost operation. In addition, student will learn about hospitality principle in the hospitality industry, and event planning. 

Program Duration : 15 courses, 9 months

Hospitality Management Level 2

The Hospitality Management Level 2 is a two years program that combine one year academic study and one year Cooperative study. Students will be given the opportunity to apply their knowledge in the class to one year work experience in hospitality position. 

Program Duration : 20 courses, 24 months, with the CO-OP Program

Web App Development and Startup

This program is designed for students with previous college/university education who want to learn about the concepts and implementation of Web and Mobile application development. The students will also learn digital coding to build their digital applications. This program will focus on building mobile app multi-platform for Android and IOS using React native.

The student will enroll in important business courses such as Corporate Finance, Pitch Deck Essentials, and Technical Writing. The business side of this program will prepare students to establish their startup company, manage their company’s finances and pitch a perfect presentation for potential investors.

Program Duration : 48 weeks

Digital Marketing and Startup Diploma Program

Digital Marketing for Startup Company program is designed for beginner student and student with previous college/ university education who want to learn about the concepts and application of digital marketing to start their own company. This program introduces students to the concepts and application of Digital and Branding Strategies, Corporate Finance Theory, and more. The student will learn various aspects of business from raising funds and investments, and marketing their business through digital media and platforms.

Program Duration : 48 weeks

Welcome to Wales Young Institute

At Wales Young Institute, we aim to provide the best education for our students. Our small classes will ensure that your learning experience at Wales Young Institute will be personal, focused and practical. Our teaching approach will enable students to gain not only the theoretical knowledge pertaining to the fields they are passionate about, but also the real world skills that will empower them to successfully compete in the global workforce and develop promising careers in their own selected fields.

Accreditation & Achievements

Achievement 2
Achievement 1

" It was a great experience pursuing my hospitality education at Wales Young Institute. I learned from instructors with years of professional experience in the hospitality industry. Wales Young Institute has opened an opportunity for me to pursue my career goal as a chief. Upon completing my Co-operative program, I continue to work as a Chef".

- Alvin Ngo

"My time in Vancouver would not be as fulfilling if I had not attended Wales Young Institute. The school has professional and informative instructors who are compassionate and kind. The courses were interesting and helped prepare me for a career in the hospitality industry. I have been able to network with many professionals and became good friends with my classmates. I am so grateful to be part of Wales Young Institute."

- Cinintya

"The welcoming and friendly environment at Wales Young Institute is one which fosters learning and professional growth. I have learned a lot at Wales Young Institute, which has, and will continue to benefit my career in the Hospitality Industry. Learning while working has provided me with the opportunity to apply knowledge gained in class to real life situations. I am glad that I made the decision to attend Wales Young Institute."

- Rendhy Rachman

"Attending class at Wales Young Institute has been an incredible experience. I learned a lot from the instructors in this school. They taught me the importance of professionalism and how to function better in the Hospitality Industry, especially when dealing with tough situations while on the job. They also taught me how important the hospitality industry will be in the future. Learning Hospitality Management at Wales Young Institute really opened my eyes to what I want for my future and my career."

- Fender Halim

"The instructors at Wales Young Institute share their first-hand experience so we can thrive within our respective industries. The information I have gained at Wales Young Institute was relevant and current. I am proud to be part of this institution and look forward to continuing my studies."

- Herfiyanto

"At Wales Young Institute, I am able to meet many people from different countries. The instructors are very knowledgeable and passionate. Wales Young Institute is strategically located near the SkyTrain and other public transportation. It makes it easy for me to commute to school. "

- Daniel Omega Dajaja

I had such an incredible time studying at Wales Young Institute. The faculty and staff were so kind and helpful, and really made me feel welcomed every day. The class size was comfortable, and the instructors always made sure that we were receiving the best learning experience possible. Thank you, Wales Young!

- Miho Horimoto

Unit 303, 333 Terminal Avenue, Vancouver BC V6A 4C1 CANADA
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