Program Description :

The Business Entrepreneurship and Technology diploma program is designed to help students successfully commercialize their entrepreneurial ideas. Students will learn about marketing through technology and the fundamentals required to run an efficient small business. Area’s of study include:


  • Leadership;
  • Entrepreneurial strategies;
  • Small business accounting and corporate finance;
  • Conventional sales and marketing;
  • Digital branding and marketing
  • Human resources;
  • Business law fundamentals;
  • Social media management;
  • Technical writing;
  • Restaurant management.


Students will also learn effective leadership, presentation and public speaking skills to help prepare for future interactions with potential business partners, investors and staff. Students will be introduced to multiple case studies illustrating how to successfully start and run a business in a range of industries including hospitality, technology, and marketing.

Program Duration :

96 weeks (including 48 lecture weeks, and 48 CO-OP weeks).

1428 hours (714 lecture hours and 714 CO-OP hours).

Delivery Method: On-site Delivery

Name of Course/Subject# of Hours
BUS 101 Business Law42
BUS 102 Introduction to Financial Accounting42
BUS 103 Business Leadership42
CSIS 103 Management Information System42
ENG 101 Technical Writing42
ENG 102 Pitch Deck Essentials42
EPT 101 Entrepreneurial Fundamentals42
FNB 201 Advanced Restaurant Management42
FNB 303 Food and Beverages Cost Management42
FNC 101 Introduction to Corporate Finance42
HRS 102 Managerial Human Resources42
JOB 101 Introduction to Career Development42
MRK 101 Digital and Brand Strategy42
MRK 102 Technology Strategic Marketing42
MRK 103 Principal Marketing42
MRK 201 Marketing Research42
MRK 202 Sales and Marketing42

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  1. Design holistic approach to identify specific business problems, formulate comprehensive and effective business solutions, and implementing strategies to achieve business objectives.
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of the difference between financial and management accounting as well as the relationship between the two.
  3. Identify and utilize relevant costing information for special decision-making.
  4. Prepare and interpret budget statements (i.e sales budget, labour budget, production budget, cash budget, as well as variance reports) under standard cost system.
  5. Analyze financial reports by applying financial mathematics and statistics.
  6. Develop effective strategies to establish effective working relationships with clients, customers, co-workers, supervisors and others.
  7. Communicate marketing information persuasively and accurately in oral, written, and graphic formats.
  8. Contribute to the development of an integrated marketing communication strategy for marketing products, concepts, goods or services based on an identified target market.
  9. Demonstrate understanding of computing accrual accounting, financial statements, cash flow, account receivable and payable, and budgeting.
  10. Demonstrate understanding of the concept of consultative selling model and apply the concept study in the businesses practices.
  11. Analyze the four communication styles: Emotive, Directive, Reflective, and Supportive and apply the concept to communicate effectively with clients, business partners, and stakeholders.
  12. Identify customer strategies and apply the concepts to a business case.
  13. Identify different concepts in retailing and wholesaling.
  14. Identify different advertising and public relationship strategies.
  15. Describe aspects of the Canadian legal system which relate to business.
  16. Design a budget for identifying control issues.
  17. Design a spreadsheet and develop a flexible budgeting system.
  18. Demonstrate understanding of the concept of business information systems.
  19. Analyze human resource management and describe its key elements.
  20. Identify strategies for good presentation and pitching of products.
  21. Design competitor analysis to strategically position the business among its competitors.

Business Owner


Exporter/ Importer

Sales Representative