Program Description :

Digital Marketing for Startup Companies is designed for anyone with entrepreneurial ambitions who wishes to gain a strong foundation in the concepts and implementation of digital marketing techniques and strategies to aid in the start-up or growth of their organization.

Students will acquire skills fundamental to running a business from budgeting and raising capital through marketing using digital media and platforms. This program introduces students to the concepts and implementation of:


  • Digital Branding Strategies;
  • Corporate Finance Fundamentals;
  • Web Development;
  • Google Advertisement;
  • Social Media;
  • WordPress;
  • Search Engine Optimization;
  • Information System Management;
  • Strategic Marketing;
  • Technical Writing and
  • Pitch Deck Essentials.


This program features a six months Co-op program for students to apply the concepts they have learned in class to real world situations.

Program Duration :

48 weeks (including 24 lecture weeks, and 24 CO-OP weeks).

840 hours (420 lecture hours and 420 CO-OP hours).

Delivery Method: On-site Delivery

Name of Course/Subject# of Hours
CSIS 101 WordPress and SEO42
CSIS 102 Fundamentals of Web Development42
CSIS 103 Information Management System42
CSIS 104 Google Ads42
CSIS 105 SEO and Social Media42
ENG 101 Technical Writing42
ENG 102 Pitch Deck Essentials42
MRK 101 Digital and Brand Strategy42
MRK 102 Technology Strategic Marketing42
FNC 101 Introduction to Corporate Finance42

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  1. Identify information systems in the world today;
  2. Describe how businesses manage their information systems;
  3. Design information system strategies;
  4. Identify legal issues around information systems;
  5. Identify business financial models;
  6. Examine business financial statements, (balance sheet, cash flows, taxes, etc);
  7. Examine and identify capital budgeting fundamentals;
  8. Develop an understanding of company valuation methodology;
  9. Design WordPress websites;
  10. Implement SEO strategies trough site mapping and the marketing funnels;
  11. Identify the trade-offs of SEO optimization regarding website content;
  12. Identify organizations based on inherent structures;
  13. Design cascading style sheets to create style standards for a web site;
  14. Design a navigational framework that matches the content and genre of the site;
  15. Identify separation of concerns as it applies to the design and implementation of a web site;
  16. Identify the challenges involved in developing a web interface;
  17. Identify strategy advertising strategies;
  18. Explain how Google Ads works for businesses;
  19. Explain the Google Ads Platform;
  20. Design a Google AdWords strategy to fit the current business;
  21. Identify effective SEO key words;
  22. Identify problems and solutions for effective SEO strategies;
  23. Undertake comprehensive site audits for informational and e-commerce websites;
  24. Explain the testing platform;
  25. Explain how to propose and sell articles using query letters to magazines;
  26. Explain how to identify the types of articles that magazines frequently publish;
  27. Explain how to follow the highest standards of ethical practices;
  28. Explain how to analyze competitors and their products;
  29. Demonstrate presentation and communication techniques for sales and marketing;
  30. Identify and eliminate common sales / pitching mistakes;
  31. Create and deliver effective marketing presentations;
  32. Explain the keys of successful entrepreneurship and market adoption;
  33. Manage technology and knowledge;
  34. Develop product and branding strategies;
  35. Evaluate the central pillars for the formation of a successful marketing strategy;
  36. Develop strategic advantages for product placement;
  37. Identify and evaluate target markets.
  1. Digital Marketer
  2. CEO of Startup Company
  3. Marketing Strategic Planner
  4. Digital Content Creator
  5. Marketing Associate
  6. Marketing Manager
  7. Online Sales Associate
  8. Investor Relations